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VSA Urgent Care -
Out of Hours Veterinary Care

VSA Urgent Care

We know it can be an emotional time for you when you have a sick pet. It can be even more stressful when you don’t know where to take them for help. At VSA we provide a range of easily accessible options across Auckland for when you need us the most.
VSA offers the first urgent care service to Auckland pet owners as an extension of our 24-hour VSA Animal Emergency services which are based at both of our Auckland hospitals. 

VSA Urgent Care is available for those times when your pet needs to be seen after hours by a veterinarian but it is not necessarily an emergency. 
VSA Urgent Care is located at our new centrally located VSA Metro, based at The Strand Vet, in Parnell. VSA Urgent Care is available Monday-Friday 6pm-12am. 
Not sure if your pet needs VSA Urgent Care or VSA Animal Emergency care? Call us on 09 849 2121 and let our staff triage your pet’s status.
Dr Shalsee Vigeant at VSA Metro - Urgent Care Services for animals in Auckland

What is the difference between VSA Urgent Care and VSA Animal Emergency?

Pet owners are always the first to notice when something is wrong with their pet, often picking up on subtle changes before they can turn into a bigger issue.

At VSA Urgent Care, we are available to treat non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries in pets that happen after normal business hours. VSA Urgent Care fills the gap between your GP clinic and our 24-hour VSA Animal Emergency services.

Conditions that require outpatient treatment at VSA Urgent Care

The examples listed below are examples of things that should be seen urgently, but may not need a full emergency service-

  • Vomiting or Diarrhoea with a change in behaviour
  • Allergic Reactions with NO CHANGES IN BREATHING
  • Minor Wounds and injuries
  • Insect Stings
  • Sore eyes with discharge
  • Abscesses or swelling under skin or discharge from a wound
  • Blood in urine or stool 
  • Mild lameness or limping
  • Ear infections
  • Animals that have eaten foreign material that day

Conditions that require full service hospital level care at VSA Animal Emergency

The examples listed here are cases that should be seen by our 24-hour VSA Animal Emergency departments, as they need a full emergency service-

  • Trauma- hit by cars, bite wounds, burns, broken bones. 
  • Animals that are having trouble breathing.
  • Animals that look bloated and are retching with unproductive vomiting. 
  • Any patient that is in shock (signs of shock can include collapse, weakness, pale gums, cold extremities, and an abnormal heart rate)
  • Animals that are straining to urinate and are not producing urine.
  • Animals that can’t walk, have weakness or are collapsed.
  • Animals with life-threatening neurologic disease such as coma or seizure activity that are not responding to medications
  • Animals that need emergency surgery or that have had surgery and are experiencing serious complications.
  • Animals that have ingested foreign objects (fish hook, glass or toys) or toxins (rat bait, slug bait, chocolate, karaka berries)
  • Animals that may require blood or blood product transfusions (such as whole blood and plasma)
  • Overnight monitoring patients

Still not sure where to take your pet? Let our team help you.

If you have read the list above and are still unsure, we recommend that you call our team ahead of any visit to VSA Urgent Care or our VSA Animal Emergency departments. Our experienced team of receptionists and veterinary nurses will be able to help you to determine the right VSA service for you and your pet. We will also be able to give you an estimated wait time for our services. 

Call us on 09 849 2121 to talk to one of our team.

You can not book an appointment at either VSA Urgent Care or our 24-hour VSA Animal Emergency hospitals. We operate a triage based system to ensure that the most critical patients are seen first. When you arrive at VSA Urgent Care your pet will be triaged by one of our veterinary nurses, you will then be given an expected wait time for a consult with our veterinarian. 

If you arrive at VSA Urgent Care and our triage team decides that your pet needs a full emergency service, the team will stabilise them and refer you to our closest VSA Animal Emergency hospital where our team will be waiting.  


Yes you can although we recommend you call ahead to let us know you are on your way so we can prepare for your arrival.

No, we do not offer booked appointments at either VSA Urgent Care of VSA Animal Emergency. We work on a triage system just like a human urgent care doctor.

A consult with our Urgent Care and Animal Emergency team is $250. You will then be given a full estimate of expected treatment costs.

No. Our VSA Urgent Care service closes at 12am and no patients are left unsupervised in the clinic overnight. If your pet needs overnight monitoring, you will be referred to the closest VSA Animal Emergency hospital. 

Unfortunately we are not able to fill prescriptions as we do not hold a full pharmacy at Urgent Care. For more medication you will need to contact our reception team during normal working hours. 

There is a plenty of on-street parking available at VSA Metro. As a result of the times of day we are open, parking should always be available for you. 

Our emergency hospitals in both Auckland West and Sylvia Park are available for all urgent care and emergency needs.

If these locations are more convenient for you, you can go there for Urgent Care.

We always recommend calling ahead of your out of hours visit on 09 849 2121.

Due to the nature of out of hours and emergency veterinary needs, we always recommend calling ahead so we know you are on your way.

Our experienced reception team can advise you on the best location for you, and expected wait times. 

You can call on 09 849 2121

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