Pet Insurance

Every patient arriving at the Animal Emergency Centre is accompanied by an owner who is anxious about their sick or injured pet. Many owners also feel concerned about the looming potential for expensive treatment.

The boundaries of veterinary science are constantly expanding, and marvellous life-saving or enhancing advancements follow which improve outcomes for our critically ill patients. These advancements often come with a hefty price tag. Providing round the clock progressive veterinary care in quality facilities can be very expensive.

“…a monthly or yearly insurance fee could purchase you some peace of mind…”

Loving our pets unconditionally makes it very difficult to make medical decisions for them which are based largely on affordability. Depending on your attitude to risk, a monthly or yearly insurance fee could purchase you some peace of mind, reducing the importance of money and giving you the freedom to request the best possible treatment for your pet.

Some common pet insurance companies in New Zealand include Southern CrossPet Plan, and Pet-N-Sur, however not all pet insurance providers are created equal. The cheapest may not necessarily provide you with all the benefits you require. We recommend you read the fine print carefully to ensure your pet will be covered for life for all conditions. If you are shopping around for a better deal than you currently have, be aware that pre-existing conditions are not generally covered by new policies.

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