We are open 24 hours across our 2 Auckland Emergency Veterinary Hospitals. Call us on 09 849 2121

Our Hospitals

Animal Emergency at VSA are based in the two Auckland VSA hospitals. Both are state of the art veterinary facilities with access to the specialist equipment and teams, if required, to ensure we can provide the very best in critical and emergency care.

Our hospitals are open 24 hours a day so there is never a time when your pet is left unattended. Our staff work around the clock to ensure that animals in our care receive the best possible treatment.

VSA Auckland West

Based just 10 minutes from our old Mt Albert site, our new hospital on Central Park drive is conveniently located with easy access and plenty of parking. Our state-of-the art facility provides specialist veterinary services as well as being the home to our Animal Emergency team.

The emergency services at Auckland-West operate out of hours only. We do not take walk in emergencies during the times when your GP Vet clinic will be open. During the day, VSA Auckland West runs our specialist, referral services only.

The Animal Emergency team at the VSA Auckland West is led by Dr Shalsee Vigeant.

VSA Auckland West, Animal Emergency Services in Henderson, West Auckland

Sylvia Park

The VSA Sylvia Park hospital operates a 24 hour, 7 days a week Animal Emergency service.

Located in the VSA specialist hospital we have extensive specialist facilities and diagnostic equipment available for patients who need it.

The Emergency team at Sylvia Park is led by Dr Rosemary Price

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